In celebration of my first blog post, I wanted to honour this beautiful white shirt from Zara.

The material, colour, shape, and structure of this shirt embodies the perfect portrayal of the masculine yet elegant look. There might not be an about me section in this blog, but I usually maneuver towards the classic chic look. However, for this blog post I wanted to experience different styles using the same white shirt.

Look 1



In this first look, I paired the white button up with two pieces trendy pieces of our time; a sheer black top and a lace up corset. I wanted to contrast the elegance and simplicity of this top with an edgy sheer top peeking through the shoulder. Meanwhile, cinching the waist with this sexy lace up corset to emphasize the waistline, as it could get lost in the shirt. I paired those with some simple black skinny jeans and nude pumps in order to embody the edgy yet chic gal!

Look 2

If the previous look isn’t for you, this one might be. I love to maximize the use of one clothing item and make as many outfits using it as I can. Wearing this white shirt unbuttoned and opened up gives it a whole other look. Because of the structure of the shirt (elongating on the sides) wearing it unbuttoned with a basic white sleeveless top underneath tucked into some basic jeans generates an elegant and chic vibe. The simplicity of this outfit allows me to accessories and play around with the shoes. I sought this as the perfect opportunity to wear my black leather and navy blue silk ballerina inspired flats from Zara. As well as my baby doll pink box bag from Jollychic.

Look 3

Last but not least, I decided to pair the white shirt with a pair of navy blue, red, and white striped pants. Accessorized with a polka dotted scarf around my neck because I love the trend of clashing patterns. (what is more clashing than polka dots and strips). This outfit is very nautical because of its colour scheme. The simplicity of the shirt and mutuality of the navy blue mediates between the clashing patterns. I paired this outfit with some nude pumps to strike a pose.

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