TURTLENECK: Monday to Friday

TURTLENECK: Monday to Friday

TURTLENECK outfits of the week



Mondays turtleneck look is sophisticated and chic. I love the contrast between the monotone dark colours and my red velvet boots from Zara. The Mango trousers cinch at the waist with gives this power suit look some femininity.



Tuesdays look is cool, both in terms of colour and style. The cool toned blue and white give off an edgy vibe. As if these Zara boots aren’t doing that already! And honestly, I call this outfit cool because it reminds me of something Bella Hadid wore.



Wednesdays look is cute and put together. I paired the same turtleneck with this oh so trendy Reitmans checkered dress (seriously checkered patterns are everywhere!) I also wore my Zara navy blue oxford shoes and this vintage tweed purse.



Thursdays look is sophisticated yet casual, This Zara turtleneck vest and white shirt give off a sophisticated and formal vibe whereas the distressed jeans and Jolly Chic bubble gum pink box bag look casual. In addition, I paired it with some nude pumps to elongate the legs.



TGIF (Is that cliché enough?) Fridays outfit is inspired by a model off duty street style paparazzi picture! Therefore, I paired the same turtleneck vest with some oversized navy blue trousers, my Louis Vuitton bag which I wrapped around my waist like a fanny pack and my red velvet boots.

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