My Style Take on Annie Hall

My Style Take on Annie Hall

Along with pretty much everyone else, ANNIE HALL is one of my favourite style icons! The way she combines masculinity and femininity is absolutely timeless and will continue to inspire! I don’t think its possible for anyone not to fall involve with Annie’s quirky round glasses, baggy beige trousers, and striped button ups. In an Era that no longer views fashion and clothing as a “female” or “male” label, but as a form of self expression. Therefore, Annie Hall is a timeless inspiration because she embodies this beleif, and utilizes fashion as a form of self expression rather than a label of her gender. 

 With this as my inspiration, I put together two outfits that not only represent the modern day Annie Hall (hence the macbook) but also my own personal style. Take a look!


Burberry chic meets white trousers

Inspired by Annie Hall, I paired these White flare trousers with this classic Burberry shirt. Although the structure of this outfit is feminine and fits the body well, buttoning up the shirt gives off a rigid look, especially when paired with a classic Black Blazer (Check out my BLACK BLAZER street style look) I paired this with some nude pumps.



Beige Khakis meet Stripes

This outfit tips more towards Annie Hall’s style than the first, you can say its slightly more inspired. I paired these High waisted Khaki trousers with the fitted White and Blue Striped Shirt. Also, I love how this shirt is formal enough without needing a collar. Additionally, I paired this outfit with the same black blazer, rolled up the sleeves for some causality street style fun, and threw on my Oxford Shoes.


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