Leather trousers and a Graphic tee

Leather trousers and a Graphic tee

The creative process of picking out an outfit usually starts from inspiration, unfortunately, my inspiration wasn’t the beauty of nature of a painting, but it was Instagram. Let’s be honest, sometimes, when I see a trend on Instagram, I immediately brush it off as “not my style”. However, for this outfit, I took a “not my style” piece; the navy blue leather trousers and made it my style, take a look.

These photos were captured on campus, as I ran from one building to another for my favorite photo location, and then ran back to my ecology lecture. So I’m carrying a backpack rather than a purse and wearing slides rather than heels. I paired these H&M trousers with a graphic tee from H&M along with my classic black blazer from Reitmans (Check out the other ways I styled this black blazer here and here). I did style my hair naturally crazy, I mean curly and layered some gold jewelry.


Leather trousers x Graphic tee



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