First day of University 7.9.17

First day of University 7.9.17

What I wore on my first day of University?





When someone days first day of school to me, my mind goes straight to the check skirt. Not the ones you see in a “school girl” halloween costume, but the classic one that symbolizes the typical first day of school outfit. Despite being in University and not having the obligation to wear a uniform. I was inspired to wear this classic piece especially since check pattern is everywhere on the runway!

Now the funny thing is, this actually isn’t a skirt but a dress from Reitmans. Pairing it with a black knit sweater covers the top part of the dress, giving the appearance of a skirt. (I would accept a pat on the back for utilizing a dress that I’ve only worn once, woo) To make it casual and chill, I paired it with some classic All star converse.




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